Welcome to the City of Douglas Business License Division!  The City of Douglas requires that all businesses operating within the city obtain a Business License (services and regulated businesses). Additionally, businesses located inside the city limits, including home-occupations, must obtain zoning clearance for their business license(s). Effective January 1, 2017, the Arizona Department of Revenue began collecting and administering the City’s sales tax.
Business License Application Procedures
Business cannot open until license has been issued; failure to comply may result in fines. 
·Acquire Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN). This can be either your social security number or an employer identification number (EIN) issued by the IRS. EIN can be obtained via the IRS website. 
·Complete business license application; obtain clearance from Planning and Zoning Inspector.
***Remember to check with planning and zoning before you set up signage or make any business alterations. Any business opening in historic district may have additional painting and signage requirements.
·Obtain Transaction Privilege License from State (if applicable for taxable businesses) and obtain Cochise County Health Department Permit (if applicable for food & drink establishments).
·Application will be reviewed and building classification determined for the occupancy certificate.
·Application will be returned to the Finance Department for routing to Public Works for a right-of-way review and a review for cross-connections.  Public Works has two (2) days to complete the inspection.
·Application is returned to Finance Department for routing to the Fire Department (If Applicable).  Fire Department will have five (5) days to complete the inspection.
·Once the application passes the final inspection and approval of all applicable codes and standards and if all conditions have been met, a business license will be issued after payment of fees.
Application $20.00
Business License $75.00/ year, up to 3 employees
Additional Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees $20.00
Change of Business Name $10.00
Change of Location $25.00

*Other charges may apply depending on type of business.  For a complete listing of charges and regulations for business licenses please visit our municipal code site here and refer to Title 5.



City of Douglas Business License Application

City of Douglas Festival License Application

City of Douglas Business License Regulations

City of Douglas Tax Code



Click here to go to the Arizona Commerce Authority Small Business Services division. This site includes an online “Step-by-Step Checklist to Start, Operate and Grow a Business in Arizona.” (Program includes business licensing information and statewide resources.)
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